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southern cocktail spiced pecans
  • Southern Cocktail Pecans:TM spicy not sweet - Made from a unique recipe that's in great demand, these gourmet, toasted pecans are hard to describe but utterly wonderful. Large, plump, meaty, mammoth pecans are seasoned and toasted for an outstanding smoky, lightly salted & savory flavor. Not spicy hot.

    Great in salads, with cheeses & spreads, on sandwiches and even on ice cream! Our spiced pecans make a wonderful cocktail party appetizer. For those on a low carb diet, pecans have only 4 carbohydrates per ounce. About 12 pecans per ounce.
    $10.60/8 oz. bag
gourmet pecans, gourmet appetizers
cheese straw cocktail party appetizer
  • Southern Cocktail Cheese StrawsTM - A superb, traditional cheese straw without nuts or unusual flavorings added, just the crisp, wonderful taste of a homemade baked cheddar cheese cracker. Baked from scratch, these crunchy bursts of cheese are the ideal party appetizer for casual to sophisticated events. Baked with all natural ingredients.
    $5.90/5 oz. bag
gourmet food and gourmet appetizers
caramel candied gourmet pecans
  • Southern Cocktail Golden Pecans:TM caramel - A rich, soft, yet chewy homemade caramel envelops mammoth pecan pieces. Wonderful sweet, buttery flavor that just melts in your mouth. Baked from scratch from an old family recipe, these candied pecans are a family favorite for all ages. Individually wrapped. Not for the dieter but worth the treat! Makes a great gift, add to your party snacks selection, eat right out of the bag or add as a topping to your favorite dessert. Yum!
    $10.60/8 oz. bag
southern style candied pecans

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Upcoming Treats

As we grow, we will add new Southern family favorite treats to our recipe file. Should you have a particular favorite dessert or snack you’d like us to consider, please write us on our Comments Page. We appreciate your input.